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Archive for November, 2012

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

We’re in the yarn business, yes. But now, because we love all things wooly related, we’re introducing a very special sweater accessory, Quince lanolin bar soap. Hmmm.

What we really love about our soap is that it has within it a lot of lanolin, that wonderful wool emollient that protects the sheep and keeps it waterproof. Our soap is also made with a variety of other good things that clean and nourish wool fiber, e.g. coconut,  olive, jojoba, avocado, and hemp oils, as well as clean, clear spring water.

To wash your sweater you can lather your hands and gently squeeze the suds through your knitted piece, or softly run the soap bar over the surface of your knit. Then rinse. When your piece is dry, it will be soft to the touch. Try the unscented variety if you love the natural aroma of wool. If you like a slight herbal waft when you pull on your sweater, use  one of our two flavors, lavender or lemongrass.

And Q soap needn’t be limited to your sweaters, you can use it on you, too.

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Thanksgiving is over. And it’s still November. Time (seems like plenty of it, at this point) to start thinking about knitting a gift. This week we send out a daily e-letter showing a favorite idea for a quick-ish present. Four small projects from our archive and a Friday surprise.

If you aren’t already subscribed, sign up for inspiration in the window located in the upper right-hand corner on our home page.

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Until recently, if you went to our pattern section, you’d find patterns sorted by type, i.e. sweaters, hats, mitts, scarves and shawls, etc.

But, now, thanks to John, our wonderful IT guy,  you can look for patterns in four, yes, FOUR, different ways: by type, yarn, designer, or collection. So if you’re looking for a pattern for leftover Osprey, or a pattern by Cecily Glowik-MacDonald, or you want to look at patterns grouped together in a lookbook–now you can. Joy! Something accomplished. Even if the dye house is lazing toward the finish line, at least we can move things forward on our website.

Any other ideas how to sort patterns? Just occurred to me. How about one-skein projects? Good category for make-a-gift season. No?

Friday, November 16th, 2012

So very, very sorry, but we won’t be able to release Hannah Fettig’s Mabel’s Closet on Monday. Darn!

As you’ve heard on this blog (over and over), we’re assembling a dye house in nearby Biddeford. And it’s slow going. One step forward, a half-step back, etc. We ARE getting there, but you can’t believe the number of minor and time-eating glitches that pop up when you’re running pipes, mounting a chimney, tuning motors, checking hoists,  examining tanks for leaks, putting up walls, mudding sheet rock, painting, sanding floors, running wiring, hanging lights, etc. This is so not knitting.

That said, we had hoped to dye our first skein this week. Just imagine the joyous cries you would have heard had we succeeded!

But no. Not quite.

Next week? Maybe. But on second thought, no. It’s Thanksgiving.

Then week after next. Yes! For sure. We hope.

So, given that we are out of every single yarn used in Mabel’s Closet, we’re putting off the book’s release until Monday Nov. 26. When we might very well have the yarn to go with it.

In the meantime, to ease the pain, we offer the photo above, a mellow corner in Hannah’s house, and a lovely reminder that creativity requires a little chaos.

AND we’re hosting another giveaway. We’ll choose a winner on Monday from this week’s comments. (See our previous post.) And starting on Monday, 11/19, we’re doing another giveaway or Hannah’s book. If you don’t win with your comment this week, make another one on Monday, and you might have better luck next time.

Thanks, dear readers, for your patience.

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012


And who is Mabel?  She’s Hannah Fettig’s daughter, a little cutie newly arrived last June. Hannah’s worked up a few miniature outfits in Q yarns, and we’ve collected them in a booklet, Mabels’s Closet, a sweet, limited, signed edition to be released next Monday (Nov. 19)–just in time for holiday knitting. We love each simple little piece in this book, all easy stockinette and garter stitch, and all worked in modern baby-girl colors: Bird’s Egg, Twig, Petal, Clay, Carrie’s Yellow, and clean, pretty Egret.


Hannah will be posting related tutorial videos on her blog. Head there now to see the first video in which Hannah introduces her collection and Mabel models her Chickadee top-down cardi in Carrie’s Yellow. Hannah will host a knitalong for this little sweater, so think about joining her to learn her favorite top-to-hem techniques.

Next, because we have to wait another week to launch the book, today we’re launching a giveaway! Comment below on your favorite piece (photos to follow) and on Monday (launch day!), we’ll choose a winner from the participants. Prize includes a copy of Hannah’s book and a Quince tote (so handy).

So, preview shots:


Perfect little jumper

First beret (never too young)

Pretty frock

Perky strpied beret

Wear-it-everywhere cardi

There you have it. Let us know what you think!

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Here we go again. Adjusting. This time we’re moving from our beloved little warehouse/office, with a harbor view, to what’s currently a noisy, dusty, drafty dye house. But the chaos won’t last forever (thank goodness). And we’re liking our new neighborhood, e.g. love the Vietnamese restaurant across the street.

Of course, things aren’t quite up and running yet–best laid plans, etc. So we’ve set up shop temporarily in another wing at the mill. It’s lonely, off in the corner. And cold. Adi, our shipper, wears a down jacket, hat, and mitts while she picks and packs.

And still she smiles.

Soon she’ll be warm and cozy. Just a few more days while we settle tanks in place, string pipe from our shiny new boiler, paint walls, and (oh ho!) set up our factory store. (Yes–true–coming soon!)