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Archive for May, 2013

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Not quite live, but almost. Hannah (and I) talk about her latest collection–six great designs in Quince’s Sparrow. And (if you like), take a peek of Hannah + Quince on the Knitbot blog.

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Count them. Six new colors in our pretty Owl, a lofty alpaca/wool blend that knits up at 4 to 5 stitches per inch.

The colors are:

Snowy–undyed white

Elf–a pale, pale heather grey (black alpaca fiber blended with undyed white wool and alpaca)

Canyon–a pretty warm peach

Yucca–a light and airy yellow with a hint of green

Acacia–a gentle green that leans toward blue

Cielo–desert sky blue

We knew we wanted something light and airy for spring, but we didn’t want to do traditional pastels. We wanted something interesting and a little different. Then Ryan, came across this palette on the Color Collective, and we knew we were home.

What to knit this time of year in a warm weather yarn? A little shrug or cardigan for chilly nights. That’s what we’re thinking.
Coming with an idea very soon.





Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Today (May 21) and tomorrow. Order 4 skeins of Sparrow, enough for the Dejeuner Bag above, and get the pattern free. Add the pattern to your cart along with the yarn and type this code into the code box: dejeuner2103.

A word about the bag: It’s worked in the round with a double strand of yarn. Easy.

I love it in Sans 200, our undyed Sparrow. But think how sunny it would be in Butternut 206 or Little Fern 205. Or how bold and stand out in Port 207 or Paprika 210.

13 colors to choose from…

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

We know it can be tricky to order colors (and yarn) over the internet. Nothing substitutes for that in-person encounter with your materials. Sadly, at the moment, we don’t have any Sparrow color cards. We’re working on them, but their arrival is a ways out.

That said, here’s an image of of our thirteen Sparrow colors and wordy descriptions below. Starting at 6:00 and moving clockwise:

Paprika, a warm and spicy orange

Viburnum, a vintage icy pink/lavender, just like those heady blossoms that are just starting to appear here

Little Fern, a soft green with a hint of yellow, that first spring green in subdued form

Birch, is it a gray? is it a blue? Depends on how you look at it.

Nannyberry, a warm and muted clay pink/red

Juniper, (a fave), a deep green/blue/gray, just like the plant

Butternut, straw

Blue Spruce, the color of new growth at the tips of spruce branches, a gentle blue/green

Sans, undyed, a silvery milky coffee color (love it)

Fen, rich and earthy, a greeny, peat brown

Pigeon, a kind of slate gray/blue

Truffle, a warm gray/lavender

Port, deep and winey purple











Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Today through Friday noon, everyone who pre-orders a print copy of Hannah Fettig’s Knitbot Linen is eligible to win 10 skeins of Sparrow–color choice yours. And don’t forget that every print copy of the book comes with a complimentary e-book that you can download right away.

We’re launching mid-morning. Hope you’re signed up for our e-letter (box in upper right-hand corner of the home page) so you get the announcement the moment we go live!

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Hannah’s collection of six unstructured knits (all in the lovely Sparrow) is just about ready. We’re launching Knitbot Linen first thing Wednesday morning, and we’re celebrating with a giveaway: Everyone who orders a printed copy of Linen between Wednesday at launch time and Friday noon is eligible to win a prize of ten skeins of Sparrow in any of the twelve colors on offer. We love Hannah’s palette, but there are seven more colors to choose from. So be thinking.

Knitbot Linen will be available as a 36-page print book (comes with the e-book), an e-book, or as individual patterns. Photos of the pieces follow, and for specific information on finished measurements, yarn colors and amounts, visit Hannah’s blog. It’s always good to think (and order) ahead.

Now for the preview peek:

The Point of View vest. (We loved the hat for styling, but patient Abigail spent most of her posing time trying to keep the brim from covering her face. If you like behind-the-scenes photos, note the reflection of a few of us who weren’t holding the camera sitting outside the inn on the railing. We shot Hannah’s book at the Black Point Inn in Scarborough, Maine, and they very graciously gave us the run of the place.)

The Aproned Tank. Cool keyhole opening in the back, nice garter ridge detailing on the front yoke.

We published Brise before, but we brought it back in a new color for this book.

Lineal Cardi, best ever for summer.


The Surrounding Tank. The ultimate in drapiness.

And the Put a Lid on It beanie–just for fun.







Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Relaxed, swingy shapes in uncluttered stockinette. These mark Hannah Fettig’s signature style. In Knitbot Linen, coming next week, Hannah adds a few new design elements to keep things interesting, as in the notched back edge of the simple vest pictured above.

More on Monday when we give you a complete preview. Yes, complete.

Meantime, read more on the upcoming Knitbot Linen on Hannah’s blog.

AND, you might want to think about your Sparrow color choice(s) now…



Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Coming next week: Hannah Fettig’s Knitbot Linen, her take on easy summer knitting, and wearing: Six pieces in Quince & Co’s Sparrow.

As we prepare a proper teaser post for you, here’s a pre-tease.

Above, stacked neatly, is Hannah’s collection. Perfect weekend packing, don’t you think? We love the palette, soft and dreamy. Sparrow takes beautifully to dyeing. The colors are rich or soft, and saturated.

The more we all work with Sparrow, the more we appreciate its loveliness and its idiosyncrasies. In Linen, Hannah dedicates a page or so to comments and tips on how best to approach a yarn that’s spun from plant (not animal) fiber.

So get ready, take a look at the colors above, and start mulling.

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Socks, book one, launched today! For all you knitters who love warm and pretty feet. Designs by Cookie A, Michele Wang, and  Star Athena. Take a peek!