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Friday (last) shawl–the lovely Foothills

A most unusual shawl—abstract leaf shapes overlapping in panels, falling to a flared, corrugated border. Foothills’ is ingenious designer is Marnie Maclean. And it’s drapey, oh so drapey, in Tern/Boothbay.

Worked, as are all shawls from last week, from a small number of cast-on stitches at the neck, down and out to the edges, each side mirrored along a center spine.

Detail, above, of the border and the drape.

And this photo because I love the sandals.

p.s. A note about Tern. We’re out of all colors except Sea Grass, Buoy, and Back Bay. Our apologies. We’re doing our best to get more on the shelves and hope by 3rd week of July to be able to ship. More on yarn supply soon.



4 Responses to “Friday (last) shawl–the lovely Foothills”

  1. Nancy J says:

    Thank you for this lovely week of shawls, my favorite accessory to knit! Now to choose.

  2. CC says:

    Loving this shawl, especially when “wrapped.”

    But I am also loving the dress — would you be able to provide the source??…

    Thank you!

  3. admin says:


  4. sarah says:

    hello! i keep checking in on the site hoping for tern to be back in stock, any updated time? love love love each yarn i’ve used and am excited to work with tern, as well as gift some to friends!

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