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A Piece Apart

Saw this knitted piece this morning in a newsletter that comes my way. Wondering if anyone would be interested in something similar. A preview of the fall line from a Apiece Apart.

Looks like a great take-off idea for a mix of textures in Puffin. Love the pockets. And love the white–Egret would be pretty in this. (I’d make it for myself in black. Or gray.) Might even be good with sleeves? Shorter?


29 Responses to “Hmmm”

  1. Julia says:

    This looks amazing! Perhaps fewer different patterns, but the shape and the pockets are great!

  2. Julibeth says:

    I would go short, but leave it sleeveless. I think sleeves would make it too bulky. Can’t wait to see your interpretation.

  3. Susan says:

    What’s pictured there is pretty big and sloppy. Make it less gigantic, keep the pockets, maybe add a hood, and definitely shorten it.

  4. .stephanie says:

    Beautiful, very Quince. I would wear as is but a design with sleeve options an excellent idea.
    All good things to you all.

  5. Petra says:

    Yes. Totally. I would love it.

  6. annabelle2 says:

    Could be a fun, quick knit project. I’m petite so would want it shorter…I’ll be watching to see what happens!

  7. Abi says:

    Black; knee-length; no sleeves.

  8. caitlin says:

    eep! i’d make one in marsh or even bark or twig!

  9. Susie says:

    You should definitely play around with this idea. I love chunky cabled/textured cardigans this time of the year… maybe hip-length with a shawl collar and long sleeves… just some thoughts. :)

  10. Mils says:

    I LOVE this – love, the dropped shoulder, the shape of the sleeve opening and the sleeveless design is perfect for layering, the neckline provides a sleek and sophisticated look to a very chunky a textured knit. Love, love, love!

  11. Charlene says:

    Oh yes this wonderful just shorter, Please!!

  12. Heather says:

    I like it just as it is!

  13. Lisa F says:

    This is wild, I too just saw this on another source I view this morning and was thinking the same thing! Would be gorgeous in Puffin and with or without sleeves.

    Keep going with it! :-)

  14. Beautiful in puffin and would be perfect with sleeves. I would wear it all the time! Very interested!!!

  15. tracey says:

    I like it, but I think I would like it better shorter with sleeves.

  16. Laurel says:

    Yes, wonderful idea and shorter is good for me as I am barely 5’3″. Chunky yarn means it might get done for fall. Egret would be lovely, or one of your new tweedy greys! A great chance for me to try puffin.

  17. Susan Mitz says:

    Yep! What you said. :-)

  18. Monica Schultz says:


    I saw someone out and about today wearing a similar garment – no cables, same length and in Black – it looked great – perfect for a trans-seasonal “not realy sure what the day will be like weather-wise”- kind of day such as it is in Sydney (Aust) today after a scorcher yesterday – would love a patter for this or something similar

  19. Joann says:

    It would be perfect as it is without sleeves but only shorter for we who are not model height.

    This would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe and a fun project.

  20. Bordergirl says:

    Great idea! Puffin love. I would love it shorter since I wear petite sizes. Great San Francisco Bay Area project.

  21. Barbara says:

    OMG. love it

  22. Cruz says:

    Ditto #21′s comment!

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  24. Francis Berryhill says:

    I think you are right on about length and sleeves. I can’t wait to cast on.

  25. Jane George says:

    Count me in, love it.

  26. Gloria says:

    I had a sweater coat like this once. I’d love to make one. Love an option with sleeves, but also as is. Maybe a slightly less chunky yarn?

  27. Karen says:

    Yes. I love puffin and egret. But must be shorter and with short sleeves.

  28. Gigi says:

    Yes! Love it!

  29. Monica says:

    Yes. Please. LOVE IT!

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