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January knitting

Right now, we’re working on designs in Sparrow. Snow covers the ground, the radiators clang, the windows shake when the cold wind blows. The idea of a flimsy little something in linen doesn’t really inspire me. (Such are the trials of staying ahead of the game.) I’d much rather be working on a shoulder-warming piece, which you, Lucky Knitter, can do. Such as Paula’s Emons-Fuessle’s latest version of her lovely Hyla Brook. What’s new here? Stripes! In Tern Buoy and Stonington. Loved the shawl in a solid color with texture stripes, love it equally with color changes as well. So, so pretty.

One Response to “January knitting”

  1. Megan says:

    Oh, GORGEOUS! I love it! Tutorial? :)

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