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Knit with Me–a giveaway!

Tomorrow morning, just after cock crow (or at 9 am EST), we launch Gudrun’s Knit with Me. In celebration of the event, we’re hosting a giveaway! If you order on Day One, we’ll put your name in a hat and at the end of the day (around 5), we’ll pull three names. Each winner gets a free skein of Puffin in Carrie’s Yellow, enough yarn to knit a version of the Rubens hat. Don’t know Rubens? Check it out on the lookbook, now posted!

13 Responses to “Knit with Me–a giveaway!”

  1. Denise Datlon says:

    Love that these are for teen and tween girls, not babies.

  2. Donna says:

    Beautiful collection! I’d love that skein of Puffin!

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  4. Becca says:

    I lov the chevron sweater! Everything is so beautifu!

  5. Janie says:

    so many beautiful pattersn

  6. Janie says:

    love the patterns and puffin

  7. NancyN says:

    Count me in! The hat is adorable.

  8. Giusy says:

    love all in this book! got it and love it from cover to cover :)

  9. Laura says:

    It’s 7:29pm and I wait in vain for the email announcing to me that I won the skein of Puffin :) Where is that email, darn it!

  10. linda roller says:

    I love Gudrun’s patterns,this book is special.I love Brock & Rubens.rinebird on Rav

  11. nushechka says:

    Amazing book!

  12. Connie Crabtree says:

    Hi I bought the book at 9;15 am the first day! I absoleutly love every pattern,they all fit my life style well :) I sure hope I win the yarn!!!!!

  13. Cathy says:

    I love all the patterns, I will definitely get this book.

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