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Michele Wang, diamonds, a funnel neck, and little Goldfinch



We (Michele Wang’s Diamond Funnelneck and Chickadee/Goldfinch) are on the cover of the latest issue of Interweave’s  knit.wear.  Very proud to be front and center on a great magazine.

Michele loves textures (as we do), remember Wickerwork?  In Diamond, I particularly love how the stitch pattern goes to the very edges of the piece. Such a clean finish that way. Other elements I’m fond of: The boxy shape, easy and comfortable to wear, and the color,  in this case, Goldfinch. Doesn’t it pair well with gray?

We love the cover photo, but can’t resist the edgy (literally) one below. Love that it shows the room behind the room on either side of the faux wall.  Photo taken by Joe Hancock.


7 Responses to “Michele Wang, diamonds, a funnel neck, and little Goldfinch”

  1. DWJ says:

    I bought that magazine just because of that sweater on the cover. It’s on my must knit list for sure.

  2. Linda says:

    Love this! So modern and elegant.

  3. Rose says:

    Problem with the funnelneck sweater is, the smallest size is a 40.” Who wants to mickey mouse around with that pattern if you’re medium or small sized.

  4. Rochelle Solomon says:

    Having trouble fnding a “how to” for some of the stitch patterns in funnelneck.
    Is there a site or a better description anywhere.

  5. admin says:

    Hi Rochelle, Funnelneck is an Interweave project. Best to get in touch directly with the magazine. Or with Michele Wang, the designer. Let me know if you have any problem finding contact info.

  6. pfw says:

    love the sweater and adore the boots! who makes them, please?

  7. admin says:


    We didn’t shoot the photo. It’s from Knitscene at Interweave Press. Best to get in touch with the magazine to find out what they used to style the sweater. Wish you luck!

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