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Pesky discrepancy

As in life, same in knitting. Prevarication and mushy answers. How many skeins of Puffin does it take to make the lovely Bristol’s Cowl?

Depends. Bristol Ivy, the cowl’s knitter and designer, worked up the project using a single skein of Puffin.


We have had two knitters who have whipped through a single skein only to find that they need another to finish the project.

What to do? List one skein of Puffin and risk the gentle wrath of knitters who feel they’ve been misled because they didn’t buy enough yarn?

Or, list two skeins of Puffin and risk the gentle wrath of knitters who feel they’ve been misled because they bought too much yarn?

I leave it to you, Dear Knitter. We’ve changed the pattern to read TWO skeins of yarn needed. But should you buy two to be on the safe side, please know that we will happily take back the extra skein if you don’t break into it.

4 Responses to “Pesky discrepancy”

  1. Allison says:

    I happened to click through to the pattern page to peek at the design and noticed that you didn’t change the skein requirements on that page: it still reads “1 skein,” just in case you’d like to be thorough across formats…

  2. Cat Bordhi says:

    I just had to find somewhere to say that I have seen Ann Budd’s Bellefleur Shawl, which was just announced via email, and want to say that there is no way even Pam’s wonderful photographer could show you how beautiful this fabric is. It is stunning. When Ann was working on it, at one point she wasn’t sure which side was the right side, because both sides look so beautiful, so you really do have two shawls in one. This is one of those fabrics you just want to pet, and hold to your face, and croon to.

  3. Rusty says:

    There is no such thing as buying too much yarn.

    I’m also drooling over the bellefleur shawl, and trying to figure out if I should cast on the ‘trim’ in a darker color, and doing the body in a lighter one.

  4. Beth says:

    Um, excuse me? RETURN yarn? Perish the thought.

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