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Scarf book coming Tuesday–March 5!

More previews today. Scarves of the light and airy sort. How we love soft neutrals and that ineffable bird’s egg color.

Above is Grasshopper, a drapey piece that can be folded and wrapped as a cowl or unbuttoned and worn as a scarf. In Tern/Driftwood and designed by Annie Gullion. And this picture because we’re always so serious.

Below is Reixa, designed by Lily May Lewis. Worked in Chickadee, colors Chanterelle and Bird’s Egg. An open stitch, a modern kind of lace. Light as a feather is this piece.

And, finally, for today, we show you Isleif, a Fair Isle piece in Finch/Twig, Carrie’s Yellow, and Bird’s Egg.

A mood shot:


3 Responses to “Scarf book coming Tuesday–March 5!”

  1. Can’t wait to get these patterns, love the designs and colorways.

  2. Kate G says:

    The photos have been wonderful in this series. There will be more than a few Quince patterns added to my queue.

    Can I say that it it is a delight to watch this company grow? Oops I just did. Well done, as always, you all.

  3. Cara says:

    Ooh, I can’t wait for these patterns. I will add to my stash and Quince & Co. addiction very soon!

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