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Scarves a’comin’


You wouldn’t believe the proofing involved. I don’t believe the proofing involved.

We’ve just gone over the charts, one of us reading the words, the other following the symbols. Yup. Caught a few things.

But we’re closing in. Some teasers follow:

Brick road


Love the textures in this collection. Oh, knits and purls, let me count the ways.

And this year we incorporated our new yarn, the pretty Owl, in some of the pieces. And our at-long-last new colors, which we’re still enthrall to. For example, in the piece above, Belize, a clean Caribbean aqua and sedum, a wrong-side-of-a-fall-leaf red.


4 Responses to “Scarves a’comin’”

  1. virginie says:

    Such a great job! Can’t wait to see all the scarves and cowls! And knit one or two!

  2. Emily Ruth says:

    I cannot wait to see all of the scarves in this collection!

  3. Sonja Loyd says:

    Beautiful,I completely understand,Trial and error reading or using a diagram,But Look ..Beautiful knits in the end!

  4. Estela says:

    WOW!!! can’t wait to see more!

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