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Shawl week (month) coming up

Shawl pile-4483

Summer is so here–and we have shawls for you. Time for our annual shawl week. This year, however, we over-knitted a bit. Hence, we have more than a week’s worth for you.

(Hope you like shawls as much as we do.)

A few peeks are in order. First up today is a little number in Piper designed by Melanie Berg. So breezy!


6 Responses to “Shawl week (month) coming up”

  1. Karen Stoltz says:

    How does this work?

  2. Robin says:

    Where do I find the pattern for this shawl?

  3. Maaike Bos says:

    I love shawls and i,m very curious for new patterns.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Robin,

    If you haven’t already found the pattern for Love & Lemons, find it here:

  5. admin says:

    Not sure what your question is. Feel free to get back to us more specifically.

  6. Robin says:


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