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So it begins

A little while ago, we put out a call for scarf/cowl/shawl ideas for a late winter e-book. You sent them in. And in and in.

We had many, many great designs to choose from and it was difficult indeed to winnow the pile to 10 or so. (I think we ended up with 11, a good odd number.)

Last week, on an unusual cloudless day, we photographed the pieces. And now we’re cranking, cranking on pattern proofing. With luck, we’ll publish our scarf book next week. So it’s time for a little preview.

We start with a snippet of a lovely, cabley Osprey piece. See more of it soon and come back tomorrow for a peek at another scarf.

11 Responses to “So it begins”

  1. ann in indy says:

    Can’t wait to see them all!

  2. ElizabethD says:

    Can’t wait to see them! I was excited about this competition, but the timing was just impossible for me. Still have my yarn and the scrap of paper where I wrote my idea. . .

    This first picture bodes well for the rest of the collection.

  3. pj says:

    Cannot wait to see them all…this one is really lovely!!

  4. Suzanne says:


  5. Bordergirl says:

    What great idea! A real treat to look forward to. Thanks to the Quince family…..

  6. drmolly says:

    Oh I like that – anticipation here.

  7. Karen says:

    Oh, that is really pretty.

  8. BeKKnits says:

    Can’t wait to see all of them! Would have loved to submit a design knit with lovely Quince yarn, but didn’t have the time. Hope you do this again soon. :)

  9. Barb T. says:

    I wish I could design, but, alas, no! I am looking forward to this ebook; I’m in a scarf, cowl, shawl, kinda knitting mode!

  10. Meghan says:

    I love this one!

  11. winston says:

    I am loving your patterns and absolutely drooling at all your beautiful knits!

    I can only WAIT for the day I can knit well enough to make some of these! I have downloaded my first cardigan pattern and am building my nerve up to trying.

    I just wanted to make a couple suggestions, blogging-wise:
    it would be really useful to have nav buttons on the bottom of your pages so that people can scroll to previous posts…and continue to drool! At the moment, there is nothing at the end of the first page which means people are just cut off unless they go to archives.

    Also, if you set your RSS feeds to include images it is much more enticing and draws people in more than just the current text feed.

    Just a thought.


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