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Taproot (a magazine) and mittens

Taproot is a lovely thing—a magazine–about family life centered on relishing  the natural world and time together in it. The magazine is about making things, growing things, and taking pleasure in words and images. If you’re familiar with the blog soulemama, it won’t surprise you that author and family blogger Amanda Soule is one of Taproot’s founders/contributors.

You won’t find glossy ads in the pages of Taproot. Instead you might find out how to cook with dandelion greens, a crop that even a two-year-old can harvest, about a woman’s efforts to raise hens in her urban community, and what’s important about dirt. If you, or someone on your knee, should ask, “What’s dirt made of?,” you’ll learn what’s in it and why it’s precious.  More: Taproot is laced with short poems and winsome photography. My favorite picture in the first issue, photographed by Meredith Winn, shows a seedling just starting to thrive–in dirt–in an egg shell planter held oh-so carefully in little hands.

As knitters, we know the pleasures of family knitting. Wrapping our needles around things meant for someone we love. It’s a tangible way of wrapping arms around that person, a way to nurture both self and other. How often do we get to do that? So, it’s only natural that Taproot includes a little knitting.

Carrie Hoge designed a set of family mittens (shown below in mom size) that appear in the current (third issue) of the magazine. They’re easily knit, and quick.

Clever lady that Carrie is, she wrote one pattern and tweaked the sizing by having the mittens worked in 4 weights of yarn, from Puffiin for Dad down to Chickadee for a toddler.

In the next issue of Taproot, you’ll find a Carrie-designed cozy knitted blanket. So keep an eye out for issue #4 and check here often–we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s available.!



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  2. Ann says:

    Any chance the mitten pattern will be for sale on your site? My local Barnes and Noble doesn’t carry Taproot .

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