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Tote, take two

Remember this limited-edition, hand-screened Q tote from our e-letter of a few weeks ago?¬† We had 50 bags to sell, and they were gone in less than 24 hours. We had many requests for more (thank you), so, with a little coaxing, we sourced another batch and they’re back in stock. Tada.

So why this long post about a little bag? Because we want to give you the full story here. If you’ve read the ‘our story’ section on our website, you’ll know that our goal is to source products (usually fiber) as much as possible from the US. That said, if we can’t get what we need, and we have to go global for it, we want, as much as possible, to know the origins of what we’re buying and bringing to you.

The current version of our Q tote is a little different than our first. The first batch of unprinted bags came from a local chain store. But this time around, we wanted more than the few we were able to find there. Unable to find an American-made version of a tote that fit our needs, we sourced new ones (in a slightly different shape) from a small company that offers recycled cotton* bags made in India. (Always a good idea to recycle cotton, a plant that requires more resources and pesticides to grow than is good for our planet.) The good news is that this bag company is SA 8000 certified, meaning that the people who make these totes are protected from the exploitative practices and unhealthy conditions we hate to read about.

This time, too, the bags are printed in Connecticut, and not by our master screen-printer Ethan, who (rightly) decided that screening 50 totes was fun. More than that, well, not so fun. These bags, too, are a little less expensive for us to produce, so less expensive for you to buy. And as soon as we can get around to it, we’ll have an updated photo on our website.

Anyway, for lovers of back story, there you have it.

*Recycled cotton is made from reclaimed organic and natural cotton scrap headed for landfills.

2 Responses to “Tote, take two”

  1. Suzanne says:

    You folks have great standards.

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for the back story! I was disappointed that I missed out on the first offering, but am excited that I now have one to put my latest Q knitting project in. Love that it’s recycled cotton and Eco-friendly.

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