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Tweet, the hat


Sean Riley sent us this hat and we loved it. Called Tweet, it’s timeless, seasonless, genderless.


It’s knitted in Sparrow, our linen (all organic), a great choice for a drapey cap, and worked in a simple pattern of elongated cables and faggot panels. That’s it.

TweetmdetThe tubular cast on is tidy and elastic.


The crown comes together neatly.

Sparrow. Not just a summer yarn.

4 Responses to “Tweet, the hat”

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  2. Rebecca says:

    So I’m enjoying my morning coffee and a quick web browse while prepping to work on my neglected sweater (part of a Knit along for the Peace Fleece Old Friend Pullover: I am so. far. behind!) and I see this pattern: perfect for my two sons for Christmas! So I buy the pattern, and then I see the directions: size two needles. What have I done, what have I done?

    I’ll have to pick Sparrow colors to distract myself from the fact that these hats may NEVER be completed!

  3. admin says:

    Size 2 needles, yes. But it’s a hat. A HAT. You’ll finish. Promise!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Well, I just submitted the yarn order. I’ll dig out my circular 2s and hope for long car trips and long faculty meetings. Will keep you posted. There *was* a promise made, after all! :)

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