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Our Kestrel 2016 collection is here! The Quince design team is on a roll this season and with today's release, we have four gorgeous new garments by Cecily Glowik MacDonald, Bristol Ivy, Melissa LaBarre, and Quince's own in-house talent, Dawn Catanzaro. The garments they've produced for this collection all feature Kestrel, our worsted weight, linen ribbon yarn.

Let's meet the Kestrel 2016 beauties:

clockwise from top left: Bridie by Bristol Ivy; Jessamin by Melissa LaBarre; Adelaide by Cecily Glowik MacDonald; and Tamsin by Dawn Catanzaro

Kestrel 2016: The Details

The details in each piece show off the strengths and pleasing qualities of a yarn like Kestrel in their own way: The rustic definition in the lace panel on Cecily's Adelaide pullover; the straight-up simplicity of reverse stockinette and exposed seams of Dawn's Tamsin tank:

The way the pretty textured stitch patterns sing in Bristol's Bridie shrug, and the crunchy character of the openwork stitches in the Jessamin cardigan from Melissa:

Bridie Palettes

We had some fun playing around with color alternates for Bridie. The sample is worked in Minos, but we wondered how it might look in Kestrel's other pretty shades. Below, we've put together some substitutions to compare with Minos:

Kestrel shades on Bridie, left to right: Pebble, Minos (original), Senza, Porpoise

Design Team Bundles

To celebrate today's latest of our knockout design team's efforts for Spring/Summer 2016, we've put together a couple of pattern bundles for you:

Buy Sparrow 2016 and Kestrel 2016 collections together for $24

Buy all three spring collections (Piper 2016, Sparrow 2016, and Kestrel 2016) for $31

These bundle options are available from the dropdown menu on any of the above collection pages.

We hope you've enjoyed seeing the latest output from the Quince design team—we love the choices they've opened up for us for knitting up our warm-weather birds this year! 

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