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holiday 2018

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, wherever we live, there's a time for hunkering down, for celebrating changes in the light and in the seasons, and for surrounding ourselves as best we can with warmth and beauty.

We at Quince dreamed up a few sweet, simple projects for home decoration—garlands, ornaments, and a fun wearable accessory—during the holiday season. We've included some simple tutorials for embellishments and variations on some of the projects, and we hope you have as much fun with them as we did.

  • Bauble garland in Sparrow and Puffin by Dawn Catanzaro
  • Paper chain garland in Chickadee by Jerusha Neely
  • Tiny shawl garland in Chickadee by Leila Raabe
  • Cracker snap crowns in Osprey and Tern by Dawn Catanzaro
  • Round ornament and candy pieces in Finch by Dawn Catanzaro
  • Mitered bell ornament in Finch by Jerusha Neely
  • Vintage cable ornament in Tern by Leila Raabe

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