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Quince & Co.

mystery bag

$ 135

Once in a while our team puts together a fun mystery bundle! These are packed full of yarn and accessories and only come up for sale every few months in very limited quantity. 

While we keep the contents a mystery, each Mystery bag will contain a Twig & Horn Knitting Tote (surprise style), at least 5 skeins of yarn, 1 Knitting Book or Magazine, Stitch Markers, Printed Quince Patterns. Plus 3-4 other items that are a complete mystery! Those items could be an Interchangeable Needle Case, Needles, Shawl Pins or other fun items to delight you!

Retail Value of over $350 - only 7 available.

No returns or exchanges. Some products may have slight imperfections- the tote will come missing a strap or may have other imperfections.