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t&h wooden yarn bowl / Twig & Horn

Twig & Horn yarn bowls are the solution to keeping your yarn from rolling away and falling to the farthest corner behind the sofa (where it inevitably falls in with the no-good dust bunny crowd). Guide fine- or heavy-gauge yarns down the slot to the opening, where it will stay safe and secure while you knit, yet ready to release the yarn without breaking if needed.


Turned by hand in Maine and finished with natural oils for protection, these bowls are available in two wood types. Each sturdy yet light bowl is unique. No two are alike.

Ash: A light colored wood with highly texture grain. Some bowls have occasional spalted, dark colored spots, and others are absent of any spots. Each bowl is truly unique. 

BirchA light-toned, smooth wood with subtle grain.

Approximate Measurements:
4" tall, oval measurements of 5.5" and 6.5" at opening

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