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75% American wool, 25% silk / Spun and dyed in USA
Fingering weight
442yd [404m] / 100g
9 sts /inch on size US 1 [2.25 mm] needles
7 sts / inch on size US 3 [3.25 mm] needles

Soft and skinny is our wispy Tern, a blend of wool and tussah silk. These limited-edition 100g skeins are naturally hand-dyed with indigo in Maine by Jody McKenzie Harris to create those beautiful blue hues. 

As with all hand-dyes, there is variation from skein to skein, and it is recommended to alternate skeins throughout your project. And as is particular to indigo, the dyes may transfer to your hands and needles as you work with the yarn—a process known as crocking, wherein excess dye rubs off from contact and friction. This is a facet of working with indigo-dyed fibers and is not a defect. We suggest taking care during knitting to avoid transfer of the dye on other items.

Available: Indigo 1 (light blue)

Read an interview with the dyer by Pam Allen on the blog

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