About Quince: Story & Values

We were founded with a simple premise: great design paired with great care in production, from fiber sourcing to pattern development. 

Quince has grown its offerings well beyond the core wool yarns and a few patterns, while maintaining the dedication to quality, history, and the modern, clean aesthetic that started it all.

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About Quince: Fiber

We use all-natural fibers: wool, alpaca, mohair, cotton, silk, and linen. We favor fiber that is renewable and natural, coming from plants or animals, not oil fields by way of chemistry labs. We also search for traceable fiber that was grown close to the mill, so as to minimize our carbon footprint.

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About Quince: Our Design

We believe that all knitting is equal. Some days we crave intricate stitches on tiny needles; other times we want to plow quickly through a comfort project on chunky yarn with large needles. Either way we're happy making something we know we'll want to wear.

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About Quince: Yarn

We think that the yarn we choose to knit with should be made with as much care as we take in our knitting. A perfect yarn makes the process of knitting exquisite and the finished object worthy of the love and care we put in. Quince & Co. works tirelessly to make our yarns worthy of your needles.

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