crochet week thursday: luteola

Rebecca Velasquez is back, with a new breathtaking piece for Crochet Week: Introducing Luteola, a graceful, oversized stole in wool/silk Tern. This substantial piece makes use of climbing leaflike motifs for a drop-dead gorgeous result, and the pattern is provided in both written and charted instructions. 

Luteola is available to purchase as a single pattern or as part of the Crochet week bundle. If you've already purchased the bundle, the Luteola stole is ready for you to download.

And Crochet Week continues to shape up nicely—below, our four designs released so far this week: Leilani, Hop La Vie, Celia, and Luteola. One left to go! Stay tuned for our final piece, dropping tomorrow.

About Crochet Week: From May 23rd through May 27th, we'll release a new pattern, one by one. You have the option to buy the bundle for all five of them at any time, and we'll surprise you with each new pattern release throughout the week—an update will be emailed to you when each pattern goes live. Or, you can wait until each single pattern is revealed, then purchase at will. The choice is yours!

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