Ravelry Roundup: Wrapping up the Linen KAL

Ravelry Roundup: Wrapping up the Linen KAL

We just ended our most popular Ravelry KAL yet, all focused on pieces knit in Kestrel and Sparrow. What a nice array of tanks, tees, sweaters, and accessories we had! Some of the most-knitted pieces were Togue Pond, Lena, Flex, Davis, and Perkins Cove. Head over to the chat thread to congratulate the winners!

My Emma shrug, which I am hoping to wear at a wedding on August 1, got to about 4" before I was side-swiped with a sample knit :) Think I can still make it?? Time will tell...

Thought I'd post here some of my favorite photos among the many beautiful garments up on the FOs thread so we can all live vicariously through the folks that have time to finish what they start (and actually take photos, and then post them online, and then share them...things that apparently are too hard for me to do):

Ravelry Roundup: Wrapping up the Linen KALwhoduknit's gorgeous Togue Pond in Urchin.

Ravelry Roundup: Wrapping up the Linen KALsbnyc's Highmoor Bag in pretty Fen.

Ravelry Roundup: Wrapping up the Linen KALoalewis's sweet Forsythia in Pigeon (CC) and Moon (MC).

Ravelry Roundup: Wrapping up the Linen KALtallgrasstiger's North Fork in Senza. So comfy.

Ravelry Roundup: Wrapping up the Linen KAL audephil's beautiful Lida shawl in classic Sans.

Ravelry Roundup: Wrapping up the Linen KALJaime from fancytiger's new Davis Tee, so pretty in Sand!

Many, many thanks to all who participated, whether you finished or not, we really appreciate it! Hope you enjoyed being a part of this KAL. It's always a lot of fun to share tips, see progress, see the FOs thread get longer...I learned about a new join or two that I might try in my Emma. Also wonderful to hear folks' experiences with linen, which for some was their first time. 

Well as we're winding down with this KAL and announcing winners, I'm happy to say that we'll be announcing the next one in just a couple of weeks! This one will be centered around shawls, and will be officially announced on the Monday of our 4th annual Shawl Week (see our past shawl week collections here, here, and here). Stay tuned here and over at the Quince Rav group for some nice surprises for this year's collection! We've been laying out and proofing the patterns all week, and let me tell you...the photography is pretty stunning. Pam will be giving us a little sneak peak next week, so keep your eye out!

xoxo, jerusha

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