ravelry and instagram roundup

Color abounds on Ravelry! Kind of reflects the state of our little corner of the world, which is very near peak leaf-peeping time.

If you haven't joined in on the Knitbot KAL for October, there are still two full weeks in which to cast on and get in on the action. I've seen several sweet projects cropping up already in the FOs thread. I promised I would make the 70 yard mitts...and I am determined to do so. Leila already made a pair of the Willard Mitts and put me to shame! To be fair, she sidetracked me by gifting me one of her shawl designs :)

Here are my favorites this month from Ravelry--color work cowls, subtle color play with neutrals, and sweet textures:

ravelry and instagram roundup1. Dunlap by Erika Flory, in Finch Aleutian, Kittywake, and Sabine.

ravelry and instagram roundup2. Bubble & Squeak by Carrolldj in Finch Audouin, Aleutian, Bark, and Nasturtium.

ravelry and instagram roundup3. Alameda by Clare Lakewood in Finch Egret, Clay, and Sedum.

ravelry and instagram roundup4. Shifting Tides cardigan by Beatrice Perron Dahlen in Owl Sokoke and Tyto (from her new collection, Autumn Beach).

ravelry and instagram roundup5. Barnstorm by Joan Forgione in Owl Abyssinian, Cinnamon, Chamomile, and Owl Tweet Russet.

ravelry and instagram roundup6. The Comfort of Lines by Melissa Schaschwary in Lark Audouin and Caspian.

ravelry and instagram roundup7. Kissel Hill by Heather Zoppetti in Osprey Nasturtium (from her new book, Unexpected Cables).

ravelry and instagram roundup8. Clarice Mitts by Amy Sparks in Chickadee Pea Coat.

ravelry and instagram roundup9. Honeycomb Sweater by Allison Jane in Finch Cypress (I Like Knitting, October 2015).

On Instagram, there's just...more of the same. Really tempting color work, lovely textures...abundant inspiration.

ravelry and instagram roundup1. @simonesmanufaktur, an Ebba in progress. Chickadee in Sabine, Honey, and what do we think the third color is? Iceland? Glacier?

ravelry and instagram roundup2. @beehoffman, a Karusellen hat in progress. I love these two colors together! Looks like Lark in Kumlien's Gull and Gingerbread.

ravelry and instagram roundup3. @whit_knits, the SECOND this pattern gets written up...I want to go to there. Puffin in Audouin, Bark, Apricot, and Gingerbread.

ravelry and instagram roundup4. @tweedyisland, Antiquity mitts in progress, in Chickadee Storm.

ravelry and instagram roundup5. @mittsnmasonjars, finished Kaerlig mitts in Tern Dusk.

ravelry and instagram roundup6. @mlerty, a finished Truss Cardigan in Lark Iceland.

Here's to dropping temperatures!

xoxo, jerusha

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