knitting with our new chickadee organic heathers

knitting with our new chickadee organic heathers

We are pretty psyched about our new Chickadee Organic Heathers. If you haven't gotten the full scoop on how and why we made this yarn, read this. In 10 new stunning shades, along with the 6 neutral shades that we've made for years (Iceland, Kumlein's Gull, Kittywake, Sabine, Audouin, and Caspian), these make a gorgeous and enticing group. Can't wait to knit with every single one!

A couple of days ago we offered up a pattern of Leila's—her Nalu Mitts—to get you, our fellow knitters, a little something with which to try out any one of these heathers. Today, we're re-imagining some patterns we've released over the years, pairing them with new shades of Chickadee that we think they'd be amazing in. Want to try it yourself? Check out all of our Chickadee patterns here.

A note on yardage between Chickadee and Chickadee Organic Heathers: Although both yarns work up at the same gauge, there are minor differences in yardage to keep in mind when choosing a Chickadee pattern from our archives for our new Organic Heathers—visit our blog post for full details about our newest flock.

scarf squared

Originally knitted in Carrie's Yellow, Scarf Squared, designed by Pam Allen in 2010, uses a basketweave pattern that looks almost delicate in sport weight Chickadee.


Just published this September for our Core Wool 2018 collection, Isabell Kraemer's Etchplain wrap was initially worked up in Iceland, our lightest gray heather.

Try these in slivery-blue Larimar, rustic Cedar, fiery Jasper, or gold-green Gilding for some serious drama and extra textural depth.

knitting with our new chickadee organic heathers

left to right: Scarf Squared by Pam Allen, Larimar, Cedar, Jasper, Gilding, Etchplain by Isabell Kraemer

cross-rib socks

Ann Budd designed the Cross-Rib Socks as part of her Five Easy Pieces collection, published in late summer 2013. Shown here in Chanterelle.


Heathered shades and reverse stockinette stitch seem like a dream team together. Try it on Hanna Maciejewska's Abree shawl from Scarves, etc 6, published in 2017 and shown here in Sedum.

We'd love to see these in denim-y Kyanite, sweet Hydrangea, deep Skyline, or soft Angelica.

knitting with our new chickadee organic heathers

left to right: Cross-Rib Socks by Ann Budd, Kyanite, Hydrangea, Skyline, Angelica, Abree by Hanna Maciejewska


Irene, an ultra-comfy, brioche knit tunic, designed by Pam Allen and published as part of her Home book at the end of 2014, was originally worked up in warm Sedum.


Classic Quince, classic Carrie—Miriam is Carrie Bostick Hoge's slightly cropped, open-front raglan cardi, shown here in Kumlien's Gull. Published in late 2011.

The simplicity of the fabric in these pieces can support some deep, dark shades, such as midnight Torne and muted Moss—and we also love the idea of Kyanite and Cedar.

knitting with our new chickadee organic heathers

left to right: Irene by Pam Allen, Torne, Moss, Kyanite, Cedar, Miriam by Carrie Bostick Hoge

What will you choose?

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