$ 24

What do you love most about fall? As knitters, we love this season for a variety of reasons—including, of course, our continued love for all things wool. When knitwear designer Pam Allen launched Quince & Co. back in the fall of 2010, she did so with four wool yarns in four different weights and 37 colors, followed by a fifth the following fall; fast forward to 2022, and we carry over 60 colors in our core wool collection, spanning across five yarn lines.

This year, we re-visit our beloved yarns that started it all, in a collection that sparks both curiosity and comfort. In Forage, we looked once more to nature for inspiration, carefully selecting designs we believe embody both the love for our core wools and for organic textures and motifs. 

Featuring the designing talents of Tatyana Celovsky, Kelly Forster, Hanna Maciejewska, Uma Padu, and Nadya Stallings, we hope this collection deepens your enjoyment of working with wool. 

Purchase the individual patterns of Forage or the full collection in its entirety—the choice is yours!