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A welcome sight on this rainy day is a little springtime blush for the needles: Introducing Carnation, a limited edition pink for Chickadee, our sportweight 100% wool yarn.

Just a single batch of this color has been dyed for us, so if you're a fan of pinks, this is the time to pluck a few skeins for yourself!

What kind of pink is it, you might be wondering? Here at Quince, some of us were reminded of cherry blossoms; others, bubblegum. And yet others thought it was a dead ringer for the classic shade of its namesake—carnation. No matter what, we all agreed that this is a sweet, happy color, agreeable to anything, and pretty much the perfect pink for Spring.


As always, we immediately began daydreaming about projects for the new shade. How sweet would a Mae cardigan look in Carnation pink? Or a pretty Genevieve pullover? Or a pair of Lucy mitts, if just a pop of color is your thing?

Below, we photographed Carnation next to a range of other pinks in our core wool lines for comparison. Our new limited-edition Chickadee shade (second from left) is lighter than Pomegranate, but more saturated and deeper-toned than our paler pinks Shell, Dogwood, and Petal.

our wooly pinks, left to right: Finch in Pomegranate, Chickadee in Carnation, Lark in Shell, Osprey in Dogwood, Puffin in Petal

Carnation is a limited-edition color for Chickadee only, but the rest of the pinks above—part of our 60-color-strong core wool palette—are available in all of our wool yarn lines, whichever weight you desire.

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Not able to find where I could order some of the “carnation” colorway. Thanks.

Susan Bogie May 16, 2022

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