featured designer: kerry robb

Happy Saturday! Today we feature a guest post by designer Kerry Robb, who recently released a lovely little set of patterns: The Natural Home Collection, with a focus on using natural, organic, or ethically-made yarns to create items for the home—including gorgeous placemats using our organic linen ribbon yarn Kestrel.

Take it away, Kerry...

featured designer: kerry robb

I’ve long loved natural touches in the home. Fresh linen, natural wood, clean cotton, and (of course) wool. In a world full of synthetics, natural touches can bring a sense of calm to our everyday lives.

I designed the Natural Home Collection with this calm in mind. The collection includes felted woolen bowls with graceful shaping, as well as a pattern for textured hemp scrubbies that will last for years. But the pattern I’m excited to share here today is my Linen Placemats pattern, one of my favorite designs. Linen stitch, tidy selvedges, and a hearty density elevate the humble placemat into a thing of beauty.

These placemats use Kestrel, a beautiful yarn whose unique construction was a great source of inspiration. Kestrel is a chainette-structured yarn, but its unique tube construction is what I find so fascinating about it. It’s incredibly strong (and machine washable!), yet it’s so much easier on the hands than other linens I’ve used. These features, in combination with Kestrel’s beautiful color range, made it the perfect choice for my placemats.

I hope you enjoy my Linen Placemats pattern, and if you haven’t yet worked with the lovely Kestrel, I hope you consider this your opportunity to get to know this enchanting yarn. 

featured designer: kerry robb

Thanks, Kerry! It's always exciting to see a Quince yarn used for projects other than garments and accessories. You've definitely inspired me to try out one of our linen yarns for home items in crochet.

Enjoy the weekend, all!

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