Color Story #1

This long winter in Maine has us looking at colors. Here at Quince, it's no secret that we swoon over greys and neutrals, but our wintery landscape has me eyeing those pops of brighter and bolder color. The internet provides an endless stream of beautiful and inspirational images, and when I came across this one, it took my breath away...I thought about the, the color story it was telling. Seeing these colors come alive in Quince yarn is so lovely. The possibilities are endless...

1. Piper / longhorn 2. Tern / mist  3. Owl / barred 4. Owl Tweet / oak 5. Owl / cement 6. Owl / snowy
7. Owl / tyto 8. Owl / elf 9. Owl / albertine 10. Owl / acacia 11. Piper / san angelo 12. Lark / peak's ferry


Photograph by Alex Strohl

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