Scarves Stories: Baroque and reversible cables

March 20, 2015


Today, we're talking about Michael Dworjan’s innovative technique used in the Baroque Scarf pattern, his contribution to Scarves, etc 4


Ribbed cables twist and wind across a backdrop of garter stitch, made entirely reversible by Michael's Keyhole Cable technique.

To make a truly reversible cable, you need to use two cable needles, one held in front and one in back of the knitting. This can feel cumbersome at first, but will come naturally with a little practice.


Slipping stitches onto two cable needles (fig. 1): You can hold the two cable needles (a and b) together in your right hand if it feels right, or you can hold them one at a time, letting the front needle rest in front of the knitting when you’re using the back needle, and vice versa.

Working stitches from the two cable needles (fig. 2): If you’ve ever worked a three-needle bind off, this will feel familiar. Instead of knitting together the stitches from each needle (as in the bind off), knit the first stitch off the front needle (a), then purl the first stitch off the back needle (b), alternating until all stitches from both needles have been worked. Hold the two cable needles close together in your left hand and let the right hand needle tip (c) find the stitch you want to work next.


Remember, practice makes perfect. We're new at these technical illustrations. Are you finding them helpful?

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