Ravelry and Instagram Roundup

In anticipation of our fourth (!) annual Shawl week, where we release one new pretty shawl every day for one week in late June, I've been poking around on Ravelry to find what is out there as far as things to wrap necks and shoulders in for warm weather. The knitting/designing community does not disappoint! Here are my favorites:

Dreareneeknits' Thaliah shawl in Chickadee Audouin and Caspian

Stephen West's Zig to the Zag uses Chickadee in Sedum and Audouin

Mandarine's Blom shawl in Tern Terra Cotta

Of course, as we barrel closer and closer to longest day of the year, it's also the season for all things linen, and Kestrel is getting a lot of love lately:

Alicia Plummer's Rosemary & Thyme in Kestrel Senza

Heidi Kirrmaier's Quick Sand in Kestrel Sand

Norah Gaughan's Quadrant in Kestrel Porpoise

Since it was summer when I re-learned knitting in the mid-90s, I've always been a year-round knitter. Even wool hats and heavy cabled sweaters in July (living on an island off the coast of northern New England allowed generously for this sort of behavior). Here's to summer wool projects:

Saint Remy in Finch by Allie Matthews, from Knitty's First Fall 2015

Deb Hoss's Connie in Lark Delft

Elizabeth Brassard's Little Squares hat and Magicowl in Osprey (see the palette on that pom pom? Striking!)

And now, for some irresistible tidbits from instagram…

More and more love for Kestrel is what I'm seeing!! When we first released this yarn, we had envisioned it being perfect for simple stitches, stockinette, garter, eyelets and dropped stitches--yet we've seen lace and cables and all manner of gorgeous forays into more complex textures emerging with this summery yarn. Also, seeing some gorgeous stuff in our lighter wool yarns, Chickadee and Finch...below, a couple of new designs that I am so excited to get my hands on, and a Quince classic: the Piper's Journey shawl by Paula Emons-Fuessle. Keep an eye out for her new shawl next week!

1. @fru_bechmann in Kestrel

2. @dandiliongrl in Kestrel

3. @julijasshop1 in Kestrel

4. @judithbrien in Finch

5. @lallie1973 in Chickadee

6. @trin_annelie in Chickadee

I should mention that if you like the Parsley Sage (#2 in the Instagram roundup by @dandiliongrl) and the Rosemary & Thyme (by Alicia Plummer, above) sweaters, right now on Ravelry you can get one of these patterns for 50% if you buy both. Just sayin'.

Happy Solstice everyone!!

xoxo, jerusha

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