Setting the table for our 5 year celebration

Five years ago this month, we started with a little dream to make some simple, high quality wool yarns here in America. We wanted to make "upgraded essentials" that would be as versatile as our tastes are varied, and as responsibly and as locally sourced as possible. We were excited by the idea, but we weren't sure if anyone else would share our enthusiasm.

Well, you did. You did! And in case you don't know it, we are tremendously grateful for your ongoing appreciation for what we do. It hasn't always been easy, but it's always been worth it. Thank you, Quince fans, friends, supporters, and customers, for making these last five years not just possible, but wonderful and exhilarating, too.

We're turning five, and we want to celebrate. Come join us! As our gift to you, we have special events planned throughout the month of July. To start things off, we’ll be giving out a 10-gram tasting of one of our core wool yarns, Chickadee, Finch, Lark, Osprey, or Puffin, with yarn orders. You choose the yarn, we’ll choose the color. At checkout, simply add “Chickadee sample” or “Chickadee sample,” etc., in the notes section of your order, and we’ll bundle it in with your goods (one per order, while supplies last). A perfect way to swatch a yarn you’ve always wanted to try but haven't yet taken the plunge for.

We have more promotions and exciting announcements headed your way this month, so stay tuned!

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