Osprey for the wee

A little sweater in the garden. Green for spring with leaves all around. Melissa LaBarre sent us a picture of daughter Viviane wearing her Little Sprout Cardigan while looking for early raspberries with big sister, Stella. This little sweater has a matching bonnet and both are worked in Osprey.

Says Melissa: I really enjoy knitting top-down baby sweaters because they're easy to adjust as you go. My oldest daughter has a long torso, so I'm always adding an inch to the bottom of sweaters, and Viviane,is exactly the opposite, so I often stop the body and sleeves a little early. When knitting anything for someone else's babe, I always say "when in doubt, size up!". A sweater or hat that's too big today should fit someday, but something that's too small, well that would waste all of that hard work--which leads be to my next piece of advice: please check your gauge! :)

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