ravelry roundup: wrapping up the shawls kal

Ah...another batch of newly created beauties have cropped up on Ravelry upon ending our Shawls KAL. And not just in our own group! Many of the designers participating in this year's Shawl Week held KALs in their own groups, so there are many, many pretty new shawls in the world. And congratulate our winners over at the Quince group! Not only did we pick 3 winners (at random) for our own KAL, but we pooled all of the groups and picked one grand prize winner for a shawl of the knitter's choice plus the yarn to go with.

Here are just some of my favorites from the FOs thread:

1. TinerW's Yarrow in Tern Wheeler Bay

2. cheryllfaust's Lostren in Owl Albertine (MC) and Snowy (CC) with one accent stripe of Huckleberry

3. Rebeccca's Leaves in Sparrow Truffle

4. sfcmarmara's Cave Point in Chickadee--pretty Peacock, with the addition of a detail stripe in Twig!


5. SiO2's Lida in Sparrow Citron

6. Catoppi's January Skies in Chickadee (bobble stripes in Frost, then from top: Snap Pea, Bird's Egg, Delft, and Peacock)

If you missed this one, or if sweaters are more your thing, we began a new KAL yesterday, centered around the official launch of Elizabeth Doherty's new book, Top Down: Reimagining Set-in Sleeve Design. If you want to know more about this book, we (and a growing number of other folks) have got lots to tell you:

From the top (Blue Bee Studio, Elizabeth's blog)

in depth: Top Down (Elizabeth's guest post here on the Quince blog)

Stay tuned for another fun post from Elizabeth this weekend here on the Quince blog!

This KAL runs all the way until October 1st, and of course there are (as always) prizes, in addition to the intense satisfaction of having knit something for yourself that, well you know...fits you. Really well. And in which you feel supremely fabulous.

I should mention, while on the topic of Elizabeth's new book, that the above-mentioned podcasts are part of a little podcast tour, which will be running through to the beginning of October. We'll be announcing them on our social media channels and in our Top Down KAL chat thread as they go live. There will be reviews, interviews with Elizabeth, and other fun stuff, so keep an eye out.

On top of all that, we'll be having a giveaway contest on Pinterest next week—keep an eye on the blog for details, as well as our e-letter.

Well we hope to see you there! Take care all and have a great weekend!

xoxo, jerusha

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