new at Q: leila

Having written a bit here on the Quince blog, I thought it might be nice to formally introduce myself! I’m Leila, newest member of the Quince team, and I hope you’ve been enjoying our posts these past few weeks.

A while back I was pleased to design a shawl for Quince, Stoneleaf, featured in the Shawls 2012 collection

new at Q: leila

Some of you may be also familiar with me during my time working over at Brooklyn Tweed, as well as my designs on Ravelry. To date, probably the most recognizable shawl of mine is Shaelyn (and I've been dying to knit a new version in Chickadee, or even Finch, in my favorite heather color, Sabine).

new at Q: leila

I reside in Portland, Maine, a city I could go on and on about (and have) as being the best town I've ever lived in. It brings me great joy to be in good company with the folks here at Quince, and I hope I get to know the readers of this blog a bit more, as well.

Along with announcements for our newest releases and other fun activities, I also plan to write occasionally about our yarn, designing, swatching, various knitting techniques . . . the list goes on. If there are any particular topics that you would like to see written about in greater depth, we’re always listening. More design talk, specific techniques, the importance of finishing details? We welcome your suggestions.

We hope you’ve been enjoying our newest pattern and yarn releases, and we’re very much looking forward to sharing with you the other exciting adventures we have planned for the rest of this year, and into 2016.

Thanks for reading! Knit on,


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