ravelry and instagram roundup

As I write, we are experiencing a few beach-worthy, warm, sunny days. But next week, we could all be raiding the Quince sample garment archive to stave off an early morning chill. Such is the volatile climate of late summer/early fall in Maine. A great reason to always have knitting at the ready--for warming laps and keeping chilled fingers moving.

The designs I see on Ravelry are getting progressively woollier, which always makes me happy. OwlOwl Tweet, and Lark get a lot of love right now, but there is also a lot going on with the lighter transitional yarns, especially Chickadee. There's plenty more than what I've posted here--there are great new designs by Allison Jane, Erika Flory, Benjamin Krudwig, Megan Goodacre (here and here), and NellKnits, definitely check them out.

1. Laurus by Dianna Walla in Lark Bird's Egg and Marsh. Go to the listing to see the colors in reverse! Photos by Kathy Cadigan for Fringe Association.

2. Castilleja Scarf and Hat by Maria Olson in Tern Terra Cotta.

3. Fly Away Hat by Laura Reinbach in Lark Honey, Bird's Egg, and Bark.

4. Clouds in my Coffee by Elizabeth Smith in Lark Caspian. 

5. Ernestina by Deb Hoss in Chickadee Chanterelle.

6. Flaum by Justyna Lorkowski in Owl Elf, published in the latest amirisu.

7. Bibliogloves by Elizabeth McCarten in Chickadee, Owl, or Owl Tweet. (Remember this sweet photo?)

8. Jamesport Mitts by Whitney Hayward in Owl Albertine and Cinnamon.

9. Bainbridge by Heather Zoppetti in Chickadee Crocus.

And on instagram, there are a whole lot of folks knitting Carrie Bostick Hoge's instantly recognizable (at least to me!) designs. (Have I told you that I also enjoy the game "name that pattern"?)

1. @saltairarts an Imogen progress, and I think that's got to be Tern in Terra Cotta...

2. @sionaland...and a finished Imogen in Sea Grass.

3. @kittyhi101 Sibella Babe in Chickadee Clay.

4. @lisa.gerber Gorgeous woven scarf in Tern.

5. @pollywantsanothercracker Quince eye candy!!

6. @samediff I like how the cat tail mirrors the Q tail a bit.

Thanks to designers, crafters, and yarnophiles for keeping us inpsired! 

xoxo, jerusha

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