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October 22, 2015

Simplicity craved: A breath between the ambitions we strive to succeed in and the achievements we take pride in. An antidote to the side effects of lives lived always on, always plugged in. We seek to recharge away from concrete and asphalt, from the nonstop bombardment of busy lives.

Butte is the embodiment of a return to basics, to necessary comforts and simple joys. Worked in single-ply Puffin with classic raglan construction (bottom up), the yoke features a restful knit-purl pattern above a body of reverse stockinette. No more, no less. Perfect. This sweater may just be the thing to make—and then wear—on one's journey back to quieter living.

Modeling our newest sweater is Alissa Morris, who has quite a bit to say about escaping city life for the country. We invite you to read about her ongoing project, Urban Exodus, wherein she provides a compelling glimpse into the lives of those who have made the leap from urbanite to country folk to pursue a different way of life.

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