coming up: kid-along #quincekal

coming up: kid-along #quincekal

Quince Kid-along – Beginning November 9

Last week we launched a fresh collection of children's knits: Wool Baby, by Melissa LaBarre—cheery woolens to ward off the chill and brighten the overcast days. At the beginning of October we also released the adorable Baby Duck Booties by Meagan Anderson, which were sized for both baby and toddler. And Ashley Hurst brought us the arresting Lost Coast Collection in late August.

When discussing what might be fun for our next knitalong, we looked back over our recent releases and a theme jumped out at us. We thought, "Wouldn't a kids-themed KAL be awesome? Especially given that this time of year BEGS for smaller, quick projects that don't require an insane amount of time?

So with that, we're excited to announce our final #quincekal for 2015: a Quince Kid-along! 

We are expanding this KAL to include not only knits from the above recent collections, but any of our children's designs from the Quince pattern library, including designs by Carrie Hoge, Hannah Fettig, and other talented designers.

Here's the Rundown

The KAL begins next Monday, November 9, and ends January 4, 2016.


Join us on the Ravelry Quince group. As with all of our KALs, we will have a dedicated FO thread for posting finished projects, and a Chat thread for posting WIPs and general chatter. These threads will be stickied and will remain at the top of the board during the KAL.


Choose any Quince children's pattern and any yarn. Using a Quince yarn is not mandatory to participate, but only projects made with Quince yarn will be eligible to win prizes. Post your progress in our chat thread. Show off your knitting and tell us about it—who it's for, why you chose your project, which new skills or techniques you're learning (or which ones you look forward to using again). We want to hear about your knitting journeys.

Make sure to use #quincekal on Instagram and Twitter so we can keep up with your progress, and tag your projects on Ravelry with quincekal.


We're shaking things up this time around! (Translation: we'll have more prizes to offer, and they won't be specific to posting finished projects at the end of the KAL!). More specifics on this soon as the KAL gets off the ground.


You'll need a Ravelry account (it's free) and basic forum and photo posting skills. If you need help, there is a very comprehensive guide covering all things Ravelry—do check it out! You can also reach out to us via Ravelry PM (private message) if you're not sure how to participate or need help posting in our KAL threads.

Come join us!

We'll be following along and ready to assist with any questions we can. And, of course, we'll cheer you on all throughout November and December.

Throughout the KAL we'll be blogging about various techniques and other knitterly details you may find useful during your Kid-along projects.

Mark your calendars—official kickoff is next week Monday. See you then.

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