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As the Fall season unfurls, each day becoming shorter and chillier than the last, parents look to keep their kiddos warm and happy. Today Melissa LaBarre brings us a new collection of adorable knits: Wool Baby, comprised of two cardigans, a sweet bonnet, and a pretty blanket, worked in a range of Quince wool yarns in colors that speak of plentiful sunshine and warmth.

Clockwise from left to right, below: pretty Mae in Chickadee; Elmer, a leafy blanket worked in Osprey; and classic Arlo cardigan and sunny Aziza bonnet, both knit in Lark.

From the designer:

Knitting, lately, has been a case of art imitating life for me. There was a time when I only designed for adults, but after I became a mother in 2012, my interests naturally shifted to designing little things, too. I came up with this collection around the time my second daughter was born last year, and much like everything else these days, it took twice as long to be finished. But, it's everything I like in baby knits: basic pieces, with fun stitch patterns in great yarns that will survive being worn by multiple children. These are simple enough for a busy mama to knit with little ones at her feet all day (this, I can say from experience!), but each with some interesting details. I hope that you'll knit at least one for a baby you love!

Happy knitting,

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