#quincekal: kid-along update

It's been a warm December in our neck of the woods—not a speck of snow to be seen so far. Plenty of rain has been keeping us indoors, however, and we know that any day now, it'll really start to feel like winter.

There's been a lot of knitting over on the Quince Ravelry group, and with just a couple of weeks left for our Kid-along, we thought it'd be nice to highlight some of the projects from the KAL!

First, let's take a look at the lovely finished projects that have been posted in the KAL FO thread:

Loutopia's lovely Aziza bonnet in Lark, looking winter-pretty in Glacier.

A sweet Mae cardigan in Chickadee—Lauramichelle chose Dogwood for this pretty version.

And another gorgeous Aziza from siriola, looking soft as snow in Lark Egret.

How sweet are these Atlas hats in Chickadee by elys717? One in Barolo, one in Kumlien's Gull (love the multicolored pompom on that one).

Branje used her Chickadee leftovers to create a colorful version of the Asaka pullover—that tiny green pocket is too cute!

All smiles from the happy recipient of donna-sue's modified Mae cardigan.

And we have a parade of irresistible Baby Duck Booties: A stately pair by shanson...

These nicely-finished lovelies by SayurisMombo...

And these cuties by BrunswickKnitter. Well done, all!

 A variety of in–progress projects from our chat thread (although some of these may have finished by the time I've written this):

elys717 started this Wee Ambrosia in Osprey Shell—check out those perfectly matching buttons.

PuffySheep's Arlo cardigan in Lark Aleutian is ready for some buttons. (Bonus Aziza...never too many!)

A Wee Brock in Tern Goldfinch from Abbeyhere—so cheerful to see on a rainy day like today.

Playful colors in WintonB's Camilla Babe—this one in Peacoat and what looks like Sorbet for the trim.

Big smiles for ejfalke's soft, cozy-looking Trinidad cowl in Owl Rosebay.

And my own version of the Baby Duck Booties, attempting an ombré effect I'm not sure I managed to achieve, but still wicked cute.


Still plenty of time left before our Kid-Along #quincekal wraps up, on January 4th, 2016—we're running one more giveaway in the chat thread, and as with all of our KALs, finished projects posted to our KAL FO thread mean the chance to win a gift certificate to Quince & Co. Come join us!

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