#quincekal: kid-along wrap-up

Happy Friday from Quince! Our #quincekal Kid-along concluded at the beginning of the week, with 8 weeks of knitting (during the holiday season, no less) behind us. We saw 30 lovely projects completed and posted in our KAL threads over on the Quince Ravelry group. Most impressive work all around.

Our Baby Duck Booties continue to be a favorite, with 6 finished pairs making their appearance in the FOs thread. There's just something irresistible about knitting booties, and pairing that with the current popularity of the hunting boot, it's no mystery why we all can't get enough of these.

Lots of Wool Baby, Lost Coast, and Knit With Me projects were completed, too. Below, a selection from our Finished Objects thread:

Wee Ambrosia in Osprey, by elys717

Aziza Bonnet in Lark, by siriola

Mae Cardigan in Chickadee, by lauramichelle

Asaka Pullover in Chickadee, by Branje

Wee Brock (and a wee Wee Brock!) in Tern, by Abbeyhere

Trinidad Cowl in Owl, by ejfalke

Baby Duck Booties in Chickadee and Finch, by Abbeyhere

Atlas Hats in Chickadee, by elys717

Cradle Cardigan in Chickadee, by PuffySheep

A big thank-you to each and every person who participated in this KAL—we loved seeing which patterns and colors you chose to knit!

As we conclude this KAL, we find ourselves wondering what comes next. We may take a hiatus from hosting formal knit-alongs for a little while. That said, we have a very informal in-office KAL starting this month. Dawn and I are knitting Pam Allen's Great Falls sweater, and Jerusha is casting on for Butte, also designed by Pam. A Seriously Comfy Sweater-along, you could say. If there's interest in joining us, let us know in the comments! We have no real plans to keep to a strict schedule or impose deadlines—the three of us know we have other things we "should" be knitting instead—but for this, we're just grabbing some luscious Puffin, one of Pam's patterns, casting on and knitting when we can. We're always glad for more company, so by all means, let us know if you're in. 

Have a great weekend, all!

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