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Oh, but it's cold out today. The wind is bitter and the sun is nowhere to be found. Not to be dissuaded from stepping out, we are knitters; we are ready.

Fiber is still on my mind (in yesterday's post, we talked about natural variation). This morning, thoughts have turned to lovely Piper's blend of fibers—50/50 wool/mohair, so light, soft, and deliciously warm. The designs we've published in the past year featuring our little bird speak to the yarn's adaptive usefulness: Bristol Ivy's breezy Dar cardigan, the Eddy cowls by Elizabeth Doherty, Kristen TenDyke's sweet Floret pullover, and, for crocheters, the lovely shawl that is Rebecca Velasquez's Gated shawl. 

We've spoken about our love of mohair before; and now we have even more reasons to crow. Coming this week, we introduce a new bird—big sister to Piper. Same lovely blend of fibers—half silky mohair, half softest Texas merino—same sheen, same drape. What's new? Well, we don't want to spoil the surprise, but we can tell you now, it's like falling in love all over again. Keep an eagle eye on the week ahead for our newest line's debut.

One more thing: Of the oh so many reasons to rejoice in American-made yarn, my favorite is that by sourcing domestic wool and goat hair, we protect open spaces in our country. I don't know about you, but I want to sing when I see an uninterrupted field stretching away from me. I can't help it. Vistas are good for our health. They make us breathe deeply. Expanses of sky give us perspective on our daily concerns, reminding us of those mysteries outside our day-to-day existence. Next time you pick up a skein of yarn spun from American wool or mohair, no matter who makes it, thank yourself for helping to provide a place to graze. 

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