slip stitches

Heidi pullover in Chickadee, colors Kumlien's Gull and Audouin

At the heart of knitting there are two stitches: the knit stitch, and the purl stitch (and really, you can count them as one and the same, if you want to get technical). But there are a near-endless number of ways to change up these basic, foundational stitches. One way is with the slipped stitch—the focal point for our newest collection released today! Introducing Slip Stitches, designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge.

The beauty of slip-stitch patterns is that unlike other multicolor/colorwork methods, only one color is worked at a time on any given row. Slipping stitches in pattern is what creates the beautiful motifs—by slipping instead of drawing a new loop through, stitches are elongated and "shared" with their neighboring rows that come after, and in doing so combine the two different colors together into a distinctive pattern.

Harriet cardigan in Lark, colors Iceland, Audouin, and Egret

The four designs in this collection make use of two clever slip-stitch patterns: The slipped stitches in the Heidi pullover and hat create a sweet and simple two-color motif which is deceptively simple to work (the hat is worked in three colors for a subtle change of tones at the crown).

In the Harriet cardigan and cowl, three colors and slipping with yarn held both in back and in front are utilized, which overlays a fascinating texture on top of the color patterning.

 left, Heidi hat in Chickadee; right, Harriet cowl in Osprey

We're taken with this lovely collection and hope you like it, too. You may have noticed a blip last month, when we had originally planned this release and had everything set in place. One of the drawbacks of small-scale production is that unfortunately, sometimes our estimated new stock of yarn misses its mark by a bit, despite careful planning. Because of this, we decided to wait to release these lovely designs until the Lark and Chickadee colors featured in this collection were back to healthy levels. And now they are, ready and waiting for your needles.

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