a spy, an octopus, and unexpected climate change activists

a spy, an octopus, and unexpected climate change activists

With Mother’s Day in the US fast approaching, we’re taking some time to celebrate and recognize the diversity of mothers. The mothers who have lost, and the mothers who have gained. The mothers who have chosen not to be mothers, and those wishing to become. We celebrate the mothers who we know and the mothers whom we’ve yet to meet. The mothers who are near, and those who are far.

To all identifications of mother, we share with you a few of our favorite stories illuminating the boundless world of mothering. 

A knitting grandmother WWI spy!!

Arguably, the most dedicated mother to have ever lived.

A mother who knit a life-size version of her teenage son.

Mother trees nourish their own seedling as well as any other seedling in need. 

Mother birds sing to their eggs to help their chicks survive climate change.

And speaking of birds, we are delighted to share that our very own fledgling yarn, Chickadee Carnation has returned to the nest! A limited batch of this scrumptious shade of pink is available now, while supplies last—gather your Carnation skeins before they fly away!

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