a sweater of a different color: part II

Here in Maine, fall is flying by right before our eyes. And we’ve been enjoying every moment of this spectacular season—from the cool, crisp mornings, to the satisfying crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, to knitting as much as possible, of course! 

This week, we revisit our Atelier collection in Part II of our Sweater of a Different Color series. Our swatching fun continues with Emma Vining’s Charrette pullover, which we hope will inspire new color combinations for your future projects. Scroll down for all the knitterly goodness.

Above: Charrette by Emma Vining, combines the talents of Lark and Owlet.

Charrette is a hypnotic exploration of structure, texture, and shape. This show-stopping pullover embraces bold, geometric cable patterns and knit-purl texture, and combines the talents of Lark and Owlet to create a true signature piece. 

Above: Charrette was initially knit in two closely-related neutral shades, Lark Iceland (left) and Owlet Elf undyed (right).

Initially knit with Lark Iceland and Owlet Elf (undyed), these closely-related neutral shades make for a gently-heathered look. For a more pronounced marled effect, we opted for two subtly contrasting colors, Lark in Bird’s Egg and Owlet in Elf (undyed).

Above: we opted to knit our Charrette swatch in two subtly contrasting colors, Lark in Bird’s Egg and Owlet in Elf (undyed), for a more pronounced marled effect. 

Needless to say, we are thrilled with the results! While the marling is more pronounced in this swatch, it doesn’t take away from Charrette’s dynamic pattern—a win in our book. And with several subtle shades of Lark to choose from, we’re certain you’ll find a color pairing that suits your personal style.

We hope this post helps you in picking out color combinations for Charrette and future projects. Stay tuned for our final blog post in our A Sweater of a Different Color series, featuring another beautiful design from this show-stopping collection. Missed out on Part I? Find it here.

Which color pairings would you choose for your Charrette pullover? Let us know in the comments below!


Hi Deb! Here’s one pattern that comes to mind: https://quinceandco.com/collections/patterns/products/husk – Looks like a fun way to play with knitting Lark and Piper held together in a simple garter stitch with some playful leaf insets. And it’s a quick knit, so you could test out multiple color combinations on that same pattern to see how the colors pair together differently. Hope this helps!

Susan Takano October 18, 2021

Can you recommend some other patterns that might be easier to knit with these two yarns? I love the combo. Thanks!

Deb October 18, 2021

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