Announcing Quince Quarterly

Announcing Quince Quarterly

Our newest offering from Quince is something completely different from anything we've done before: Introducing Quince Quarterly!

What is Quince Quarterly?

Quince Quarterly is a seasonal subscription box containing a fun knitting experience in prime Quince fashion. Each quarter's box contains a printed knitting pattern exclusive to subscribers and the yarn required to knit it, plus a curated selection of extra goods and treats for fun.

What are the options?

We offer two levels to choose from: Level 1 and Level 2. Each one contains a project unique to that level, with two theme options to choose from when ordering. Level 1 will often have a smaller accessory project, while Level 2 will contain a larger accessory project and/or higher overall value.

Each Quince Quarterly box and theme is curated by our team. Pick your level, pick your theme, and let us surprise you with the specific colorway for your box.

How do I order?

Signups open a couple of weeks prior to the beginning of the quarter. Annual subscribers will have the chance to select their preferred theme for the quarter. Single-box purchasers will have the chance to select a level and theme once signups open.

It's important to note that we have a limited number of boxes per quarter—priority is given to annual subscribers, and remaining stock made available for single-box purchases. If we meet our max capacity of annual subscriptions, single boxes will not be offered until spots open the following quarter.

When do they ship?

Announcing Quince Quarterly

Quince Quarterly boxes ship every three months in January, April, July, and October. Annual subscribers will be charged initially at signup and then subsequently billed 15 days before the first of the month of the next box. Single box purchases will be billed at time of purchase and shipped at the beginning of the quarter for which the order was placed.

What will I get?

In each quarterly box you can expect an exclusive, new printed pattern, along with the yarn required to knit it. But it doesn't end there! Each box will also contain a variety of special knitterly treats. We don't want to spoil the fun, but each season will have something different. 

Within each Level box, you'll have the option to choose the theme of your project colorway. Once you choose the theme, we'll select the specific color for your box.

Between signups opening and ship date, we will be sharing little teasers here and there to give you a peek into what's in store for the quarter's boxes. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and hashtag #quincequarterly if you'd like to follow along!

What if I want to purchase a subscription as a gift?

If you're purchasing a single box or a subscription as a gift, be sure to enter the recipient's shipping address at checkout. For our first round of boxes, we will be sending out postcards to the recipient notifying them that a box is headed their way in January. If you're giving a Quince Quarterly subscription as a holiday gift, this postcard is a fun way to let the recipient know.

What if I want a specific color?

Specific color choices and substitutions are not available in Quince Quarterly boxes. We'll hint at the colorways you may receive for each quarter's offerings and allow you to choose from one of two color themes, but we'll keep the specific details of the contents under wraps as a surprise to subscribers—no spoilers will be given until you open it for yourself! Part of the fun is the delight and joy that comes from receiving a handpicked gift for you, from us, always including the Quince brand you know and love.

Why a subscription?

We have so much gratitude and appreciation for you, our loyal customers, and we wanted to offer something new and different this year. Quince Quarterly is a way for you to receive a fun new project each season with access to an exclusive new Quince pattern, as well as handpicked accessories and other goodies (it was such fun sourcing the treats for Quince Quarterly—we can't wait to get them in your hands!).

In addition to exclusive new patterns, subscribers occasionally get to enjoy advance access to new yarns and new colorways ahead of official launch, as well as limited edition and subscriber-exclusive offerings not available to the general public. We wanted to make this a truly special offering.

We hope you'll love the "Quince-essential" experience of a Quince Quarterly subscription—from the moment you choose your theme, to its arrival and unboxing, to knitting a special project that will keep you warm and happy for many years to come. 

Announcing Quince Quarterly


Announcing Quince Quarterly

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