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When we asked Bea for a shawl idea for this year's annual Cyber Monday offering, we were very excited about her proposal of contrasting three shades of our soft, irresistible Crane in one project. Today we are pleased to present the finished pattern: Meet Eloise, by Beatrice Perron Dahlen. The colors she used in her original swatch were the ones we chose for the sample: Creamy Blanco, deep El Paso, and pretty gray-green Lone Oak.

A little while back, when it looked as if our new shipment of Crane (including Blanco and El Paso) might miss the publication of this pattern, we swatched up three alternatives to Blanco that we thought you'd love: Pale gray Abilene, soft blue Round Rock, and blue-gray Quanah. Thankfully, the shipment arrived just in time, but we still wanted to show off these other colorways! We think this shawl is lovely and is a great chance to play with color.

background: Eloise shawl body in Crane Blanco; swatches, left to right: In Abilene, Round Rock, and Quanah (welt in El Paso, lace border in Lone Oak)


This piece is meditative in its garter body, and the eyelets dotted throughout are a sweet and subtle way to visually break up this classic fabric. The high-contrast welt is super fun to work, and the shawl ends with a simple, easily-memorized lace border. We hope you enjoy making yours!

If you love the original colorway, for today only you can purchase both Eloise and yarn as a bundle!

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