it's finch week

Fall is in the air; can you feel it? Even if you can't, it's undeniable that knitters here in the northern hemisphere are beginning to get that tingling sensation, that anticipation of that time of year when we can more comfortably knit with wool again (we know some of you steadfastly knit wool year-round, no matter the temps—we are humbled by you. Would that we could all have that kind of determination!)

Around Q HQ, we've been busy fastening off the last proverbial stitches and weaving in the ends of our upcoming releases for this magical time of year, affectionately nicknamed "wool month." Our Core Wool 2019 designs are photographed, edited, and nearly ready to roll. This year, we dove into our vintage books, celebrating classic silhouettes, traditional embellishments, and the sweet simplicity of making the most with perfectly balanced, spare details.

Kicking off wool month, we begin with the lightest from Quince's core wool lines, Finch—so well suited to the transitional nature of summer making way for fall, slowly but ever so surely. We have a number of new patterns coming throughout the week, which we're excited to share with you.

But first, out today are three new shades for Finch, our fingering weight wool, 100% grown, spun, and dyed in the US! It's always a highlight of our production cycle to develop new shades for our core wool's plentiful palette, and it can be quite a challenge, as well: Which colors come next? Which ones are we missing, that we would dearly love to see dyed next, drenching the wool fibers in glorious hues? 

It can be tricky to whittle down all the many directions we can go, but, often, we come back to a few essential principles: That new shades should be able to stand on their own, as a single-color staple; that they convey the essential quality of color that knitters love about Quince; and, that they take a harmonious seat within the existing palette, coordinating effortlessly in any number of ways with our other shades to create exquisite colorwork, stripes, blocks of color, or any instance where color combinations are called for.

Enter our three new beauties: Rook, off-black cousin to our deep, solid black Crow shade; Parchment, a lovely antique, creamy ecru; and Hunter, a vintage fatigue green. We love the way our three newest shades look all together, as well as by themselves. These have us daydreaming of our next hike through the woods, strolls through open spaces, and treks up to summit views, taking in the beauty of our natural surroundings with crisp fall air filling up our lungs.

With three new patterns on the horizon this week, we thought it might be nice to swatch up Hunter, our new shade of green. Pictured below is a tiny taste of the first of our new patterns, coming tomorrow: Hello, knit-purl texture heaven.

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