kestrel love

kestrel love

We've been enjoying linen season so far, hope you have too! Seeing these luscious yarns worked up into pieces with such sweet drape and glorious color is exciting.

Today seemed like a good day to look back at our Kestrel designs over the years and dream of the perfect garments for a warm-weather wardrobe, made by our own two hands.

Enjoy! And tell us what your favorites are!

We Love Senza

Brin was featured in our Kestrel Senza collection in April 2019. Designed by Allison Jane, this tee is a fun knit with an unusual construction and pretty details.

Hudson was Alicia Plummer's contribution to our very first Kestrel collection, published in spring of 2014. Worked up in Senza and Porpoise, this tube cowl uses a simple colorwork pattern where only one color is used at a time and some sweet color blocking.

Elizabeth Smith is responsible for Mira, which we published as part of our 2018 Kestrel collection in April of that year. Cool eyelet and garter stripes make this a great piece for layering.

kestrel love

left to right: Brin by Allison Jane, Hudson by Alicia Plummer, Mira by Elizabeth Smith

Fancy Rectangles

Cella was part of Norah Gaughan's book Framework: Ten Architectural Knits that we published in April 2017. It alternates between Kestrel and Sparrow (shown here in Anemone and Pink Grapefruit), in a striking open stitch pattern, and is finished and stabilized with a ribbed trim around the fronts and collar. A clever way to turn a rectangle into something fabulous.

Bristol Ivy brought Bridie to us for our Kestrel 2016 collection, released in spring of that year. Knitted flat in two pieces and joined with a three-needle bind off, then sleeves are made by joining the cast on and bind off edges. Shown here in Minos.

Deschain is a true Quince favorite! We've seen so much love for this design, by our own Leila Raven. This was published as part of our Linen Noir collection in March 2017. Shown here in Ash, this boxy, cropped beauty is two rectangles graced with a gorgeous center panel, seamed at the shoulders, with short sleeves picked up at either end.

kestrel love

left to right: Cella by Norah Gaughan, Bridie by Bristol Ivy, Deschain by Leila Raven 

The Eyelets have it

Laguna was another Elizabeth Smith creation for our Kestrel 2018 collection. A simple top with three-quarter sleeves is embellished with a deep, diagonal eyelet stripe hem.

For Annex, another piece from Framework, Norah made a tank with godets that feature a pretty drop-stitch motif. This piece is worked from hem to hem, working up to the shoulder and then down the back. Two vertical ladder lace stripes run up the front and back.

Elizabeth Smith has provided us with a large number of our more recent Kestrel pieces! She designed Denis for us, which was published in our Kestrel Senza collection in April 2019. Another piece featuring vertical ladder lace stripes, this tee makes it more of an allover pattern that echoes on the back and at the sleeve edges.

kestrel love

left to right: Laguna by Elizabeth Smith, Annex by Norah Gaughan, Denis by Elizabeth Smith

If you love Kestrel, see all of our patterns here. Stay tuned for more of linen season! Hint: You'll get word first if you receive our email newsletter ;)


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