Little trees from Frolic

Little trees from Frolic

Sometimes (always?) it takes a while to get to things. In this case, four years.

When Chelsea Fuss of the lovely blog Frolic posted this winsome dress sprinkled with little embroidered trees stitched in Quince’s Tern, I immediately wanted to make a simple sweater embellished with the same motif. Enter Lotte.

I like embroidery on sweaters. As knitters, our color work is limited to a grid of stitches and rows. But with an embroidery needle and a bit of yarn, it’s easy to break free of little squares to add free-form embellishment. These tidy trees are easy and quick to embroider—and to adapt (add French Knots and you have blossoms).

Tip: It's tempting to take your needle through the spaces between stitches. But your work will look tidier and stay put if you take your needle through the strand of yarn. You can use a blunt needle, but one with a bit of a point more easily penetrates the strand.

Little trees from Frolic

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